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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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i think they mostly respect the rules regulations. >> e the cinema gets busted except in extreme cases or if they ignore warnings, one said that those roles are like general boundaries.l. >> i'm not seen anybody arrested. i have seen warnings. the police were wonderful out here. >> the i-team reviewed all police reports ot i from the me love for the last two years found more than twice as many reports m filed on days without browns games, in those daysn we reports of stolen cars, stuff stolen from cars, petty theft andnd a shooting. >> on game days, the last two years, the handful of citations and a dozen or so other reports
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so forth, the fans say that's not bad considering all that goes o hereret this season. >> i expected to be a little more higher because a lot of people are drinking down here. >> the city saysca no new rules this year at the muni lot, some longtime tailgaters say that in some cases theyn kind of police themselves they say they've got a good thing going and do not want to miss to buy somefpoey knuckleheads. >> the numbers are lower than i expected i understand the polic are trying to be judicious but the people need to understand there is a line that they cann cross. >> kind of like a parent who tells the child that they do that the third time than they are in trouble. after they leave the muni lot go to see the game will notice some changes. >> matt wright is at first energy stadium with more on wha you need to know before you go to the games.
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football, they're already heading to the gates at the stadium and noticing some changes part of an initiative all across the nfl. >> ll the first round tailgaters the season were in the media lobby for new. >> ltake a day off for work yo might as well be the first. >> even if they get the same old browns, in for something new this season. >> t there using 130 new metal detectors beginning thursdayy, and changes for the 70,000 people in first energy stadium. >> looking to get there safely and to get them inside the building cracker. >> midbefore you come to the ga gone are the days of dick and
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jewelry, you can keep that in your pockets, scout your camera cell phoneha and had above your head as you walk through the metal detectors. >> thfans like to tailgate inco in right before kickoff so we hope that this plan will help them to get into the building quicker. >> i that expected to cut entry time and be at all gates at the end of the season. >> > a there in faster slick and focus on the action on the field s. >> you are not necessarily see these neww metal detectors and irrigate tonight, but at the en of the season, and remember the strict bag policy you can bring one small clear plastic bag and for women the clutch and allowe to bring in other things like
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just leave those in your car or at home. >> > dog chews had some food and drinks or can you expect on-field as the browns face the falcons tonight, john telich from the lakefront and hopefull they will be more in sync. >> > ro see what happens when they play tonight. coming tonight may expect to se the youngster . he is coming back from an injury slowly, they're not going to take chances on the rookie. let's train for a few minutes about the potential of a receiving corps, terrelle pryor, josh gordon after week before, and
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veterans, lots of guys with opportunities to make their names known to the coaching staff not just tonight butw as the preseason moves along. q jackson was given a chance to dreamq of what it would be like to get the receiving corps in sync with rg3. they have size speed they can make plays. had not been out there together hopefully we can in the futurea that it all works out to get them alls out there playing together. >> t that would be the recipe to
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expected to play more than the 11 snaps in game number one. when you join us later in sports, we previewew the browns and falcons at first energy stadium. >> i know that next week as the dress rehearsal for the regular season but what about rg3 as lots of great, how important fo you to make strides tonight? >> i thought that he apply more in game one i thought more than 11 snaps offensively, he had an opportunity to throw the footballllo he had a great open past-due terrelle pryor. and then of course the reception that's been picked apart and analyzed and the bottom line is we had some success and i want to see him for three or four series perhaps the entire first half we give him a chance to ge more in sync with these otherir
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give him a chance to make his name known and a guy you know such askn josh gordon after his first four-game suspension. >> trifecta with the l on a concert indians and browns and dave nethers explains. >> should come as no surprise you host the major event that these parking lots will charge premium r. if you do come downtown you can expect sticker shock.
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parking lot attendants call iten supply and demand. >> this is ridiculous. >> > but visitors call it something different,b when cleveland hosting multiple special eventsts ... the price to park is increased. >> browns hosting the team's second season game on thursday this normally $10 lot on north marginal road opened at 7:00 a.m. and $35no the nearby east ninth street pier normally $8 all-day parking was also $35. >> s which won't have lunch and waive all but do not want to pa $35 parking. >> > a i parked on east ninth at a meter but i got a play for dollar ticket. >>
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is $40 and then 13 blocks away if willing to walk. >> there's baseball, football and a concert. >> forget street parking, nearby in curbside is off-limits to ge aff nearby location just prepar to pay premium. >> rta is running, even the $40 price tag pales in comparison t something tucson downtown i dur the rnc. and even this price i apparently keeping people away. >> ep three robbers went on a
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year when their fate as one of the victims, a priest held at gunpoint tells their story as elizabeth noreika is here with what happened at today's sentencing hearings. >> w's today the victims come face-to-face with the man who held them at gunpoint, and they said they thought they were going to die that day.h now those robbers learn how long they will be behind bars. da'shaun newton, johnchez phillips and david harrison or sentence, newton phelps receiving 22 years in harrison 16 yearslvi they were behind a series of holdups in little italy, december 2015. the firs was a woman walking home from her college class , the second was a priest leaving church whe he did not hand over his car keyss he was pistol whipped suffering h facial injuries the third victim witnessed what happened to the priest and
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then the fourth victim was robbed in the nearby drugstore parking lotot, she wa forced into the back seat of he car.. the three men were armed with handguns and one had a rifle, all three plead guilty t th firearms specifications and induction in july, he did not want to show his face but this is what the priest said about his encounter. >> it looked to me like a firing squad in the western that i would be exect so, i started screaming rather loudly and, ultimately, one of them peeled off and went over and started to harass the other gentleman. >> your victims also spoke during sentencingct, they said that they are forever changed i fear for the safety of their working on getting past it ever
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victims. >> t t an accident involving a clue the water truck remainsen under investigation they say of them rear end truckig where jennings freeway needs i-480 it spun off from catching fire a person inside the van was killed the city employee and the water truck was not hurt. >> lake catholic high school football team under investigation for alleged hazin m july 11 at happened university, the cap was not associated with the university but university police are investigating, the school put o
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part-solon police cleared a man in connection to a suspicious incident involving a young girl we showed you a picture of a pickup truck this week after a mother said it was nearby when her girl was approached monday. massive description from a similar case of the owner was out of state at the time, they're still trying to find th manhe in the incident described a young white male with tattoo on his right a dark-colored pickup truck.
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it is beautiful, the water is warm, have some high-level clouds with ice crystals up
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reminds me of small art is going to be a beautiful sunset. looking at sunset at 8:21 p.m. downtown, it is a hotspot for three reasons. 82 degrees hopkinsns brisk northwest winds. showers and storms that are staying farther
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there staying outside of the viewing area looking towardsie alonso day fi. downtown i think that you would be good to go no matter what venue. looking at some showers mainly southwest. has showers/storms and also upstream these in the front tha will bring us widespread weeken rainfall, and then behind that, a more fall-like feel flood advisories watches the last in indiana/illinois and severe thunderstorm watches/warnings with excessivees heat warnings
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concern for fires. here comes the front, that will be in our direction with a slight chance of rain the best chance saturday night into sunday afternoon. the pick day will be saturday. tonight mid- '60s with partial clearing. veryon areas of our tomorrow.
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for years cedar point's waterpark looked like this, but that's about to change why they are planning on
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tonight we hope to see some positive moment. >> > se you should see more of rg3 on the field taking offensive snaps and try to get the offensive movement more in sync with what it had been. doubt that we will see corey coleman who has been dealing
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does coach jackson do? you print the team for the regular season,u the next thing you do s make sure that everybody's healthy misses his philosophy o these situationser >> were trying to build a team and to evaluate the team and to keep be two to somehow to win win at the right way at the end the day, another preseason is about getting ready.ot the regular-season. >> > as the browns and falcons play about 8:00 o'clock tonight and progressive field, the indians could be sitting with a seven-game lead if not for an unfortunate ninth-inning last night against chicago. francisco lindor made a bad
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that accounts for some of the shenanigans and jose ramirez almost ran down a short ball that led to the situation they lead by six games to nine itt i danny salazar pitching for the indianss and progressive he had en now talk about the olympics. is been great for tianna bartoletta. amazing performance of the long jump, she was not favored but she's ready to go and one of the greatest performances of her life. that earned her a gold
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elyria ohio, sheet joys the spoils of the end olympic champion, what a performance by tianna bartoletta. also involved in the track and field relay competition there in rio. so browns versus falcons at 8:00 p.m. we will keep tabs on with all that stuff for you tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00 a.m. some say that american swimmers did more than just make up a bogus story.
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heirloom mess with fentanyl as working far away to curb. >> looking for launceston is usually reserved for drug kingpin. >> auauthe heroin/fentanyl epid has one fortune bring down the hammer the five if they could
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federal prison because people they allegedly go to either died or were injured, they said that there is only so much that thei efforts can do. >> become rest are way of this must see the death rate like this attribute to any other drug. >> lorain county thet right has more than tripled in the past five yearsa, from 22 deaths in 2011 to 65 in 2015 and 68 this year and climbing. >> ii the numbers is keep growing andnd it is difficult to fathom how many people are dying. >> > in with all of their hard work the prosecutors and knowledge frustration that the death rates continued to climb , they say that their work can only be part of any long-term solution. >> ii continued to push doctors and hospitals to look more closely at theiran describing practices because as we all know, people
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prescription opioids >> bob marshall go after allege dealerss hard may be giving addicts a drug they know nothin about. >> > adthe use fentanyl that is to put down elephants in to giv that is going to kill but they don't care. >> habbill sheil fox 8 news is n two people going to present after stealing from the account ofpeo cough legend charles siff today sentencing craig sifford 36 months and sandra sifford months, they say that craig sifford in his former wife stol thousands from his father's assets were being given power o attorney,ts investigation was underway for charles sifford died last year they use the money for expenses of dining out, and landscaping at theirir brecksville home, in addition, they will also repay three and $15,000. >> tthree men arrested as part
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smash and grab crime ring are locked up on $1 million bond each, more space, christopher freeman and appeared in court t be arraigned on charges that her mom 11 arrested during raids this weekkm they say that they could be to blame for up to 118 smash and grabs is since 2015. >> one charge for slapping an official has been punished with a ont >> > it it happened after tensions boiled over at peninsula villag council meeting in march, wendy anderson, the wife of a p-xylen councilperson was charged with misdemeanor assault, this month she played no contest to a reduced charge of this on the conduct in order to pay a small fine. he
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game between packers and colton canton had to cancel because th paint made for dangerous field conditions, they improved a refund policy , refunded the fu price of tickets also for pre- sale reservation, processing fees and prepaid parkingng. >> he has been gusto monday now he's coming back, donald trump will have a rally at the university of akron next week the james a. rhodes arena monda 7:00 p.m. the doors opening at 4:00 p.m. for more info go to fox >> mo american swimmers claiming that they were robbed at gunpoint in rio,am but asstunni turn as police say the meat of the story. as steve harrigan reports the swimmers were the ones breaking the law. >>
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mint tea or hot water after questions arise out of their claims of being robbed at gunpoint th during the olympic games police are still investigating to confirm the robbery did not happen, they were with fellow swimmersth when they said they were robbed in a taxi as they returned to the athlete village, the incident occurred several hours after th last olympic swimming events, gas station attendant said they were drunk and damage the restroom, the station security call the police and the athlet became aggressive prompting him to confront them. >> n it is premature to talk about any repercussions, the athletess went to the gas station to the restroom and on purpose, one or more began to conduct acts of vandalism.
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they were going home to the us when authorities pulled them from the plane wednesday. >> e due to privacy considerations we cannot give any more information thati refer you to the brazilian authorities. >> > t three of the four swimmers are still here in resultlt bein interrogated, ryan lochte lette from the judge gave an order to cease his passport, steve harrigan fox news.
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right now, so long lines at your rides. they can test your patience, 82 degrees toledo als cleveland and new philadelphia close to 90. it was not to human today. so 90s showing up heading towards kansas city and st. louis we had a few storms try to get closer as the stay southwest. we have a very busy evening downtown abbey do not need storms, traffic is enough of a headache. looking
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show some degree cloud cover at some storms developed upstream todayay with lots of showers across the southeast.h this is our weekend raint late saturday into sunday. tonight partial clearing could see some fox tomorrow morningld it will be tried in the morning. then there will will be some spot storms. because of the daytime heat those could instigate the
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on saturday watching from the comes through, then on monday, have a hint of all. it dips into the gesture allowing for cooler air. this chance of rain saturday night. then we fall back to low 70s for highs with overnight lows in the 50s one thing we have notices that there is no '90s on this forecast. >> > thcedar point soak city waterpark is washed up.
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waterpark with a new name and a master. roosevelt leftwich as the info. >> tama county cedar point is not a rollercoaster are going t take the water ringa. >> in a part known for its roller coastersn is when driving over two cedar point said is a great place know where they are andat they can get away the overall look and presentation have been relatively
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the election attraction will be expanded and new ones will be adequately waterslide that is almost as tall as a rollercoaster.h first is a gia six-story waterslide. >> tony clark, director of communications as cedar point saysir there are also adding mo cabanas for adults to relax and the kiddie pool will be completelyy new next year with waterslides and bigger pools clark says the changes in soak city will help the park remain competitive and give people an overall new experience, visitor say that changes would keep the returning. >> hcgot seven activities for e kid and different levels my 2-year-old can play on the kids area .
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they plan to begin construction on the new waterpark as soon as they close the season and plan to have it reopened by next spring,an back you.
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from the esta miller county apl, hercule
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this is kassie and that is heather, the two footed animals. a couple of your old, mastiff mix rescued stray is very well behaved, obedient knows the basics. look at the handsome guy and walks nicely on a leas andks rides well enjoys the car rights is very calm, laid-back perfect temperament gets along gentle with the kids. he is a nice well behaved,d, well manne boy. this is hercules, call us,, if you well, now over two virginia a a kitty cat, is a rescued stray. they were all adopted and now it is her turn.
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cuddle is playful, lots of funs you need her in your home. that is virginia and the number at the bottom of the screenen. a tuxedo cat and hercules the mastiff mix dog. i hope that you call us.. >> apple indicated that the iphone 7 would be released on september 16 after the preordere now forbes magazine reports tha the actual releasese date is september 23 apple has yet to announce the next generation of iphones but that could come nex week. >> ncnb amazon basin easier to get your merchandise they opened it newest pickup location on east exchange street on the university of akron campus. i was will be delivered for secur
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they can also send back anything for a returnt students love the idea of havin place to get their purchases quickly, easily. >> are counting down the day, friday august 26 that friday night touchdown also kicks off. >> for take a look at some of t area's top teams here are the westlake demons.
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season tonti of friday night touchdown less than two weeks join us for the season premiere on friday august 26 at 11:00 p.m., the best high schoo football coverage in northeast ohio here on fox 8. >> a lot of children love to spend a day at the zoo. >> this girl is no exception, but you cannot just go wherever
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maia belay texas on the journey.
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>> the 9-year-old is a fighter to get back to healthy to fight leukemia. >> is been a rough road and she's doing really well. her mom still gets choked up and thinking about how far the girl has come, diagnosed with leukemia and 2014. >> through the darkest times . her biggest wish during the dark days was a trip to the zoo. >> i was thinking, that i can't wait i want to see all of the animals. >> t she awaited since her diagnosis, thursday she got the chanc thanks to a partnership with special wish cleveland.
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behind-the-scenes tour. >> wish that until recently that look like it was serious risk health is taken up for lost time the simple things that make the biggest impact. >> she is amazing, she is striving. >> like a 9-year-old, shed to make memories on this picture-perfect day. >> a long-awaited day of the o, the first of many to come. just don't ask her to do any work. >> oyou think that you might w to work in the zoo one day? >> no. >> why is that? >> i don't want to pick that up.
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>> we put up and incorrect phone number for dick's dogs if you would want to f call one of tho numbers.
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fi since the last home game and lots has changed. >> a the browns have new leadership and new head coach and new quarterback. >> every august browns fans hav the hope that this might be the year. >> e tjohn telich is inside the surgery stadium to review


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